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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Bateaux Lunch Cruise Review

Did you know that everyone at Activity Superstore gets a free staff experience once a year? Well, Sally from our call centre decided to put hers to good use and treat her Mum to a Bateaux Lunch Cruise along the Thames for Mother's Day.

Here's how they got on...

I took my mum for the Bateaux lunch cruise trip as a Mother’s Day present. We arrived earlier than we needed to so we had a small wonder around by the river and the pier. It is situated in a really lovely area, Victoria Embankment gardens is practically opposite the pier so we took a leisurely stroll through the park before boarding on the cruise trip.

After waiting around in the Bateaux reception area for a short while, we were invited to board the ‘Symphony’ boat. The staff on board were very welcoming and we were greeted by a line of waiters ready to take each person or group of people to their table which I thought was a nice touch and made my mum and I feel looked after from the moment we were on board.

We were sat next to the window which is what I had requested so I was really pleased. We were stationary for a short while whilst the other guests were being seated and getting comfortable and whilst we were very lucky with the weather (bright sunshine), it actually got quite hot and stuffy whilst we were waiting and I was worried the whole trip would be like that. Fortunately, the staff put on the air conditioning once we started moving and really... who can complain about the sunshine?!

The food was served very quickly and the drinks were topped up at regular intervals. One thing I find annoying at restaurants is when the staff take an excessive amount of time between each meal to clear the table ready to get the next meal ‘in the oven’ if you like! With the Bateaux however, you are on the boat for a set time and so the staff had to be extremely efficient and attentive and brought out the meals and cleared the tables promptly, but without rushing us.

The food was lovely and the commentary was insightful and occasionally quite funny. The only point for improvement there was that quite a lot of information about the variety and details of executions that took place in London – slightly off-putting when eating your food!

To sum up the whole experience, my mum and I had a pretty much perfect afternoon in the sun doing something slightly different together. It will be a lovely memory for both me and her!

What were the best bits?

1. The views – had a great table on the boat.
2. The service – lovely, friendly staff that were assertive and helpful.
3. The memories – had a lovely time and was able to treat my mum.

What did you do with your Mum for Mother's Day?

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