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Friday, 24 January 2014

Valentines Day Gifts for Men

Why must men be so difficult to buy for? Well, we'd argue that you simply buy them something that they're interested in. And men do tend to have a lot of interests.

So Whether your fella is mad about cars, football, aircraft, steam trains or he's a recluse who plays Call Of Duty 24/7, there's loads of gift ideas that would be perfect for him.

And most importantly, you don't need to spend a fortune!

We all know that men tend to collect clutter, whether it's a stack of films, books, video games, action figures or something even more nerdy and niche. But rather than get it wrong in trying to buy something to add to their growing collection, (which creates even more clutter) activity days really do make a good alternative.

For starters, you get him out of the house. You get him something exciting and memorable. And he'll have to up his game in the future by taking you out somewhere nice too!

5 Really Good Valentines Day Gift Ideas for Men

With this approach in mind, here are 5 really good Valentines day gift ideas for the man in your life. We actually pulled these from the search function on our website to see what people are really looking for. We were surprised to see just how popular some of these activities really are!

1. Steam Trains
Believe it or not, our most searched for activity last month was a steam train experience. Having both driven and ridden a steam train in the past, there's really nothing like sitting in the old carriages on a lovely, sunny day travelling through beautiful countryside, before stopping off for some lunch and a wander around before getting back on board and taking the steam train back home at the end of a leisurely day.

Obviously the locations for steam train rides vary tremendously. Some take place at proper train museums and beautifully maintained heritage railways, while others, like the line from Kingswear in Dartmouth to Slapton Sands, offer a day out of a different kind. But there's definitely something incredibly romantic about a steam train ride through the countryside. Maybe it's all those black and white movies of lovers parting at the railway station? Who knows. But it makes for a great day out with a bit of planning.

2. Comedy Nights
While we tend to bang on about our comedy nights and what great value they are, they've proven particularly popular over the Christmas period. It seems like everyone needs a little bit of cheering up lately (maybe it's the weather?) and a couple of comedy tickets make for a great night out.

There are hundreds of locations, so there should be a selection of comedy clubs near you. Meanwhile the format consists of a host, 3 acts and usually a club night to follow. So you can dance the night away after a good laugh if you want to. At £17 a head, it's a good, cheap night out together.

3. Bungee Jumping
You'd have thought that bungee jumping would have lost the spring in its elastic by now, but leaping 300ft hasn't lost its appeal. And if you're particularly bonkers, you could buy a 'lovers leap' where you do a bungee jump strapped to your partner. We're not quite sure if it's romantic or terrifying having your loved one screaming in your face, but if plummeting to the ground sounds like something you or your fella would like to do, there's plenty of bungee jumps happening all around the UK almost every day.

4. Paintball
Paintball is definitely an activity for the boys. But that doesn't mean that tom-boys can't take part too! However, the best thing about a paintball gift voucher is that it doesn't cost a great deal and you can send him off with some of his mates to shoot each other for a day or half day, giving him a great experience and giving yourself some peace and quiet to catch up on the soaps. And if you're feeling incredibly generous, you could send him off on a Paintball Tank Battle, where he'll get to drive a real tank around a muddy field, blasting massive paintballs at other tanks full of people for a good 2 hours.

5. Curry
Men like curry. But they're not so 'hot' on cooking. So if you'd fancy your fella cooking for you more often and not just contenting himself with doing the dishes, a 6 month curry membership is a very clever gift indeed!

Basically, he'll get sent a parcel every month containing all the spices and instructions he needs to make an amazing Thai or Indian curry with 4 side dishes to feed four people. And if there's just two of you, simply bung half the food in the fridge or freezer for another day. Men will enjoy it, because it's curry (yum!) and you get to take a break from cooking all the time.

There's just 3 weeks left til Valentines day. So you'd better get something soon. But that said, you might be skint after Christmas, like the rest of us, and nervously hanging on 'til pay day on the 31st.

In which case, we do sell e-vouchers, rather than posting whole gift packs out to you. That way you can print off the e-voucher and stick it in his Valentines Day card. That's what the internet's for after all!

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