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Friday, 17 January 2014

Still Stuck for Valentines Day Ideas?

Still stuck for Valentines Day ideas? Here are just a few great gift ideas, from the classic flowers and chocolates to fun days out.

Basically, any bloke needs to show up with a flowers, a card with a meaningful message written inside (best of luck with that!), a gift and some form of couple based activity. Naturally, all this must be wrapped in deep meaning and heartfelt feeling. You see, guys have to put a lot of work in for Valentines day.

In the on-going saga of my own Valentines Days preparations, I considered a huge range of options. Last year I screwed up and had to bail myself out with some theatre tickets. This year I considered taking my girlfriend horse riding, because she used to love doing it as a kid. I also considered having another wild stab at cooking for her again and getting her a spa voucher.

Theatre is beyond my budget this year, while horse riding has a lot of risk tied to it, because the experiences are usually for beginners. Me cooking also has a lot of risk attached, while a spa gift for her isn't something we can do together. Well, we could, but I'm sure she'd rather go to a spa with one of her friends.

So after much consideration, I decided to keep things simple, traditional and take her out for some fine dining instead. It also means that I can't burn the dinner!

The only catch is that my restaurant of choice was fully booked during the evening on the 14th. So I took a risk of biting the bullet and booked on the 15th instead. But I'm convinced that it's worth it for the ambience and the food in this place. So my girlfriend will have to sample my cooking on the 14th after all. However, armed with a couple of cook books and a bit of forward planning, I reckon I'm ready.

Whatever you choose to do for Valentines Day, as long as you give it your best shot, your partner should be happy. But if you do decide to go on an experience day together, make sure you buy now and book quickly!

For more ideas, we have a huge choice of Gifts For Her as well as Gifts For Couples.

Meanwhile, stayed tuned for next week's blog post when we look at Valentines Gifts for Men.

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