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Friday, 6 December 2013

The Men's Guide to Buying Gift Experiences for Women

What do you buy your girlfriend, fiancée or wife for Christmas? It's a terrible challenge that every man must face. Especially when they don’t just tell you what they want, they ask for “something meaningful” instead.

What does that even mean?
It means that they’d like something to remind them of you.

But before you go out and spend money on a necklace or other piece of jewellery, why not effectively take them on a ‘date’ by buying them a gift experience instead?

This way they get to do the things they love, but with you as well.

Your house is probably full of their clothes and shoes (so many shoes!), so a special day out together would be much better than buying them another dust gathering object. And they get to cherish the memory of your time together.

You don't need to think... as much
Actually having time to sit down and come up with gift ideas is a challenge. I honestly don't now how people do it.

But the list of gift experiences available are basically different ideas for days out. So you don’t really have to think, you just take your pick from the different packs on the gift experience stand in a store or from the long list of special places to go and things to do online.

To make life easy, here are five gift ideas which might be just what you’re looking for.

Spa Days for Two
She will definitely enjoy a day devoted entirely to relaxing at a luxurious spa resort. You can treat them to extra treatments too. While women love to be pampered, you’ll probably be bored. But you can use the gym facilities, Jacuzzi and meet her in the pool later. It’s also often worth tying this in with dinner out in the evening for a really indulgent day.

Afternoon Tea for Two
A vintage afternoon tea is a quaint and fun thing to do. So buying her an afternoon tea gift experience will definitely go down well, especially if it’s at a beautiful hotel or charming little tea room. You’ll get a big pot of tea to share and plenty of sandwiches, scones and cakes, usually brought to your table on a three tiered cake stand, so expect to eat well! This fills you up like a proper dinner, so it's great for guys who are 'human dustbins' and have to help out their partners when there's too much food.

Weekend Breaks
Getting away from it all to spend some quality time together is always a good idea. You get to unwind, explore and simply cherish each other’s company. For my 30th birthday my girlfriend booked a long weekend break at a rustic cabin in the woods somewhere near Dartmouth and we had a wonderful time. If I’d been able to find something like that for her I would have earned some seriously big brownie points! So here’s your chance to take your partner away somewhere she’s always talked about. Seaside towns in summer and revisiting places full of her best childhood memories are always a good idea.

Comedy Night for Two
Laughter really is the best medicine and a comedy night is a good, affordable gift which gives you both a great evening of entertainment. Finding a local comedy club that isn’t in your nearest city can be a challenge, but thankfully there’s a massive list of locations to choose from, which takes the hassle of having to research and find somewhere out of the equation.

Theatre Trip for Two
If your other half loves the theatre, musicals, West End shows and you have the cash to splash, then a theatre trip for two is a night out to remember. Best of all, there’s a list of shows to go and see, once again taking the choice away from you and giving it to her instead, while making you look like the kind, thoughtful and romantic man that you really are. You might just be a bit limited on imagination, but that's okay, it's the thought that counts.

So there you have it, experience gifts are great for men who need to buy for women, because we’re rubbish at thinking of something special to do.

Instead we get all the options laid out before us.

That way we can choose from all the different things that women like, and in buying them the gift experience we give them the power to choose, organise and book it! But because we 'sort of' chose what the gift would be and paid for it, it still makes us look thoughtful and romantic in getting her “something with meaning”.

My last piece of advice for men is to make sure you stick to girly things and you should be okay. I personally wouldn’t risk any adventure sports. And whatever you do, don’t buy her a Photo Makeover. She might get the wrong impression!

So what are you waiting for? Get looking now!

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