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Friday, 22 November 2013

Gift Vouchers for Great Days Out

What makes our gift vouchers special? Well, we've always viewed our different activities, days out and weekend breaks as the sort of gift that you would buy for someone else, but not necessarily for yourself.

This is why you can find our great big gift experience stands in your local Debenhams, BHS, WHSmiths and Next stores all year round. Because people are forever struggling to come up with good gift ideas. Honestly, I had no idea what to get my girlfriend for her Birthday or for Christmas (especially when both dates are so close together). She practically had to tell me what she wanted, which ruins the whole surprise.

So while some people do search for experience days all year round, the vast majority only look for "gift experiences" around Christmas time or for special birthdays. Bungee jumping or skydiving for an 18th or 21st birthday for example. Although these birthday treats generally tend become more sedate as we get older. My Dad's 50th birthday treat was driving a steam train. That's generally about as extreme as it gets!

The point is that we, as consumers, don't look for gift vouchers for ourselves. If we fancy a romantic meal out, we ring up a swanky Italian and book a table. If we want to go away for a weekend, we Google our chosen destination and look for somewhere to stay. Whether it's a flash hotel, a quaint B n' B or a basic Travel Lodge is up to you. Basically, we know what we want for ourselves and can actively pursue it.

But, when it comes to buying gifts for other people, that's when we take an interest in gift vouchers, because we don't know what to buy for someone else. And we're not always in a position to take someone out for their birthday.

So when you see one of our gift experience stands in your local department store and pick up our Ultimate Choice for Him, you'll find a list of 30 'blokey' things to do on the back of the pack, covering everything from driving and sailing to unique places to stay and even zombie survival. Essentially everything a man of virtually any age could ever want to do.

And that's what makes our gift vouchers special! Because we know that if you're going to book something for yourself, you're going to go direct and just do it. But if you're buying for someone else, you might need a bit of help in choosing something... or would rather buy a voucher instead and let your recipient make the choice for you. You're not in danger of picking the wrong thing then.

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