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Monday, 21 October 2013

Why We Use Reevoo for Impartial Product Reviews

While many of our competitors manually handle reviews themselves, we chose to be completely open and honest with our customers. And this is why you'll find 3 to 4 to 5 star ratings for our products, while you may see nothing but 5-star ratings on other websites.

Obviously, that arouses some suspicion, but there you are.

You've probably never heard of Reevoo, the independant review system. But they're absolutely everywhere, providing an impartial review system for Sony, Currys, PC World, Orange, KIA and Ford. And you'll probably have heard that Ford has done very well with its reviews lately!

Why Use An Impartial Review System?

Well, for starters, our website wouldn't look very trustworthy if nobody said a bad thing about us.

But most importantly, customers can help us to improve our products for new customers by giving us honest (and sometimes brutal!) feedback about their experiences.

This way we can get rid of any bad venues from our books, make sure we promote the best places to visit and generally ensure that all our customers are happy customers.

Reevoo also has a system where a customer can only leave a review once they've been invited to via email.

We don't want just anyone coming on to our website and rating our gift experiences if they haven't been with us - because that would be crazy!

However, we do have a feature where you can ask a customer who has already been on the experience all about it. And we've found that our customers are eager to reply and answer other people's questions too!

So the next time you're browsing our website for fun things to do or great gifts to buy for someone else, please be aware that all of our customer reviews are 100% honest. And that goes for the star ratings of our products too.

Beware any website that gives all of their products 5 stars!

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