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Monday, 9 September 2013

Bubble Soccer

A few weeks back we posted a video of Bubble Soccer on our Facebook wall. Well, our MD liked it so much that he booked it for our Summer Party!

Unfortunately, the football got booted into the pond, leaving us with no option but to crash into one another. And so "Bubble" British Bulldog was born.

For those of you who don't know, British Bulldog requires 1 person to be the Bulldog, while the other people have to run past them without being tagged. Or in the case of Bubble British Bulldog, being knocked over.

But before we could begin running across the field and crashing into each other and falling over, we had to climb inside the big inflatable bubbles.

Shoulder straps and rubber/plastic handles help to hold your head and body inside the protective bubble, while your legs stick out the bottom.

So first you climb and wriggle inside, get the shoulder straps on, grab the handles, then stand on your knees before lifting one foot up and pushing yourself up. It's really not easy!

It also gets incredibly hot inside the bubble once you're running around and it steams up in there as well. So it's surprisingly tiring - and that's only after you've run past the Bulldog the first time. Crashing into other people and trying to knock them over while they're trying to knock you over is even harder!

Anyway, we all agreed that this was the highlight of our Summer Party and would definitely book Bubble Bulldog again. We might give Bubble Soccer a go again, but when you consider that it was mostly blokes in the bubbles after a couple of beers, a more physical contact sport was clearly what they all wanted.

But the most important thing was that no matter how hard we collided, the protective bubbles meant we couldn't get hurt. We just got very hot and sweaty instead.

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