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Monday, 5 August 2013

Super Hero Experiences!

This awesome photo was sent in by Joel, who arrived at his son's birthday dressed as Thor, with uncle Gerard in tow, dressed as Wolverine.

Could you imagine anything better for a kids birthday party?

So with super heroes being all the rage lately, we thought we'd take a look at some of the great things you can get up to to make you feel like a super hero - from flying through the sky and speeding across the ground, to battling tanks and driving like you're Batman.

After all, who doesn't dream of one day realising that you’re not who you think you are… That instead of being a normal person, it turns out that you actually have an amazing superpower that’s just stayed dormant all your life until the time has come to save the world.

But, there are ways to at least feel as if you are a superhero...

Indoor Skydiving

This is an activity that can be enjoyed by pretty much the whole family, for those who are aged four years and over.

This type of experience will make a great birthday present for the young kid (or young at heart!) wanting to fly like Superman.

Indoor skydiving is a great opportunity to experience the thrilling feeling of flying freefall, but in a completely safe environment.

This will typically include a short class with a video brief and instruction, before being kitted up in your flight gear and entering the wind tunnel to take part in two one-minute flights.

You even receive a DVD as a reminder of this truly awesome day.

Segway Experience

The Segway is a motorsports experience like no other.

It’s unique design and control system is sure to make for a one of a kind experience, as you find yourself standing in an upright position, using your body to steer the nippy two-wheeled machine along a varied terrain track.

The Segway is suitable for those 10 years old and over, and a full instruction and safety briefing will be included at the start of your course.

The electric powered machine reaches impressive speeds, and as it is your body controlling the direction, it will feel as if you’re almost floating along the ground. A great one for those who long for the power of speed!

Paintballing and Tank Paintball Battles

Every superhero needs a weapon, so why not make it a USA-spec rapid-fire semi-automatic machine gun with a hip-mounted 400-shot battlepack? One that shoots paint that is.

The minimum age for this experience is 12, and is ideal for those with plenty of energy, as there will be lots of running around.

The day will start with a safety briefing and target practice before everyone is let loose to start their adventure.

Another weapon of choice could be an extremely impressive tank full of paint… This experience is suitable for those who are 16 years and over and will see you negotiating a course set in a World War II bombing range.

So get inside your 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carrier, with its specially modified cannons capable of firing 40mm paint rounds, and charge!

Money: The best super power of all

When you consider that neither Bruce Wayne nor Tony Stark were born with super powers, they used the power of money to become super heroes. And there's really no reason that we can't do that too! Joel, Gerard and Logan certainly did.

There are course so many other unique experiences that will make great gifts for the wannabe superheroes, such as helicopter rides, microlight flights, supercar driving experiences, spy games, high ropes adventures and much more. And we're sure the staff won't mind you dressing as your favourite super hero while you do it.

So the next time you're feeling a bit mediocre, just think of all the amazing things you can do for a day.

Meanwhile, these sorts of experiences will be much more appreciated than your usual types of gifts, and will create a day of fun and excitement for someone special that they’ll never forget.