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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Curry with Dad

Last week I went for a curry with my Dad. I find it's a good way to catch up, spend some quality father-son time together and get some sage advice. Or just have a good old moan and put the world to right.

But the important thing is that it all takes part over a fantastic spread of hot Indian food. Usually a chicken tikka madras, something off the specials menu, pilau rice, onion barji and a garlic naan - all shared between us and washed down with a large bottle of Cobra. That's how we roll.

The interesting thing is that I've never been able to simple go for a quick drink or sit and chat with my Dad in any other way. Not without him getting distracted by the telly anyway.

But the point is that as people, we do find it incredibly easily to socialise over food. Eating together is a very social thing, especially when the whole family gets together for a roast on Sunday for example.

So with this in mind, you can actually buy this sort of stuff as a gift for someone, whether as a one off or a regular membership.

For example...

Friday Night Curry Membership

When you think of what we mainly eat in the UK, meals such as fish and chips and roast dinners might be the first on your list. But, in actual fact, curry is one of Britain’s favourite dishes, with many of us spending more than £250 million a year on Indian food!

With the Friday Night Curry Membership, where you can either choose a 3, 6 or 12-month course, each month you’ll be sent a selection of spices and recipe cards.

Having that usual curry night with your dad once a month can now be your treat, as you impress him with your culinary skills with an evening of quality bonding time.

Beer and Food Evening

Do you like beer and food? If so, this is the ideal experience for you.

This beer and food experience will see you learning everything there is about award winning ales and speciality lagers, as well as seeing them brewed and sitting down to a fantastic four-course meal (with beer of course!).

If you’re still standing at the end, you can take part in a fun ‘Beer Quiz’, to see just how much you've been listening while guzzling down the yummy foamy stuff.

So grab your favourite beer-loving person and have an enjoyable afternoon together.

Gastro Pub & Restaurant Dining

Calling all food lovers! This is the perfect gift for you to enjoy with someone special, as you’ll be able to choose from a variety of restaurants, including AA Rosette winners and superb gastro pubs.

Whether your dining taste is traditional restaurants or contemporary venues with a twist, there will be plenty of choice for you.

This type of package will typically consist of two or three courses, depending on the venue, and you’ll even receive a half price copy of the Good Pub Guide.


A meal with your friends and family, whether it’s mum, dad, your oldest friend, the other half or your children, is a great way of spending quality time with the important people in your life.

So whether you decide to have a meal out in a modern restaurant or a traditional inn, or you get everyone together for a home made curry after an Indian cookery class experience, the most important thing is that you enjoy sharing this time with your loved ones.

Speaking of which, there was one year I actually made Dad a gift voucher for our local curry house and printed it out on laminated paper too. He was over the moon when it fell out of his Birthday card. The only problem is that we couldn't convince him that I'd made it on the computer and that it wasn't actually from the curry house up the road. He was ready to hand it to the waiter to claim his free chicken tikka madras, something off the specials menu, pilau rice, onion barji and a garlic naan!

So in hindsight maybe buying a real gift voucher would have made my life a lot easier?