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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Off roading gifts – not for the faint hearted

Finding birthday gift ideas for someone who is a bit of a dare devil can be tricky because you want to give them something exciting, but what is the best way to treat them to a white knuckle thrill? Off road driving is an experience that will test the mettle of anyone, no matter how brave they think they are. Unlike most driving experiences, speed is not the key when it comes to 4x4s, and actually the slower you go the more of a rush you get when it comes to some of the more dramatic obstacles.

There are a variety of off road vehicles to choose from, including some of the most incredible machines you will ever see, let alone get the chance to drive - the American Monster truck. These behemoths are incredible to look at, with their huge wheels and vast suspensions systems, and are capable of driving feats which make most cars look fairly pathetic in comparison such as jumping massive ramps and even driving over other cars which is something that drivers actually get to do with one of out monster truck experience gifts.

For those who prefer to do their off roading in a vehicle which is a little more familiar, we also have a range of experiences which involve driving vehicles which you might see on the roads. You will be amazed at what these cars can do, especially if you have the nerve to take on the whole range of obstacles and challenges, which typically include steep hills, large ditches, mud, water and other rough terrain specifically deigned to get the most from these versatile vehicles. It may seem as though you’re about to flip over or slide backwards, but if you can keep your head and try to forget about the laws of gravity then you will find that you can push them to their limits.

So if you’re looking for a birthday gift idea for an adrenaline junky, then look no further than our wide range of off road driving experiences and they will be sure to celebrate with a smile.

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