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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Birthday gift ideas for Ferrari Fans

The history of the Ferrari is long and fascinating, and starts with the dream of Enzo Ferrari who wanted to produce racing cars and never intended to create a range of road cars. Famously disdainful of customers who wanted to drive a Ferrari of their own, the road models were only ever designed to fund the racing team. Fortunately for those who have fallen in love with these incredible vehicles, the commercial success of the models which are available for purchase means that there is an array of incredible vehicles to choose from for anyone who wants to get behind the wheel of one of these Italian stallions.

If you know someone who is a firm Ferrari fan, then we have a great range of birthday gift ideas which are the perfect way to give them a chance to drive the kind of car which is usually only available to those with Formula One pay cheques. Our Ferrari thrill experience days are the perfect way to give someone the ride of their life without breaking the bank, and they can drive either a Ferrari 360 or a 355 at a top track so that they can feel the sheer speed that characterises these amazing cars.

For those who want to really wow someone with a birthday gift idea to remember for life, you can choose the Ultimate Driving Challenge at Silverstone. This really is a chance to find out just what makes a supercar so super as the lucky driver gets to test out nine different top-of-the-range vehicles, including the Ferrari 360 and see how they match up to one another. How many people can give an informed opinion as to how the Ferrari stacks up against the Porsche 911, a Lotus Exige, a Caterham and more? Well this is a chance to put someone into the elite club of those who can.

So if you know someone who is itching to get their hands on the wheel of these iconic vehicles, our range of Ferrari driving experiences make the perfect birthday gift ideas for even the most dedicated speed demon.

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