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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Things To Do Before You’re 40

When people are about to turn 40 they often take time to take a look back at their lives, celebrate their achievements and think about what they would like to achieve before reach the next big birthday. Plenty of people write a list of all the things they would like to do, and the chance to cross one of them off with an experience of a lifetime makes a great 40th birthday idea.

There are some things which regularly appear on these lists, and because we know what really gets people excited, we have plenty of experience gifts which will make this birthday one that they will never forget. Bungee jumping is just one of the things that people want to try while they can still work up the nerve, and we have a range of adrenaline packed experiences which will see them bouncing and pinging their way towards an experience unlike any other.

Maybe they have always hankered after a Harley but haven’t quite achieved their dream of taking one out on the open road, in which case what could be a better 40th birthday idea than giving someone the chance to live their dream with the wind in their hair and a sense of raw power emanating from the roaring engine beneath them.

Maybe your looking for a gift for someone who has always been a high flier and would love the opportunity to try their hand at the controls of an aircraft - we have a selection to suit anyone’s tastes, from vintage aircraft, such as the Tiger Moth, to modern miracles of aviation like the microlight and gyrocopter, and if they are really keen for the white knuckle flight of their lives then they might fancy trying their hand at some real life aerobatics in the cockpit of a Bulldog or Extra 300.

Whatever you friend or family member has on their bucket list, we have a selection of 40th birthday ideas which will give them a chance to seize the day, try something new and exciting and make memories to last them for the next ten years.

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