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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Holiday Fun

Although having a birthday in the summer is great, the summer holidays can seem very long and it can be hard to really plan something special to mark the occasion. If you are trying to find inspiration for birthday gift ideas to give a kid a special day out, then we have some amazing experiences which will make their birthday so fun that they will want to get back to school to tell everyone about it.

If you are shopping for a kid who loves to immerse themselves in the fantasy world of the favourite characters then you can give them a chance to live their dream for a day with a fantasy kids club experience. They can spend their day as a fairy, dressing up and spreading their own brand of magic, or as a superhero saving the world with a mixture of bravery and super powers. Perhaps they prefer the wizardy world of spell school where they will concoct potions, or the chance to spend a day as one of Santa’s elves, planning his journey around the globe as he puts toys in the stockings of children across the world. Whatever their own favourite way to play, they will learn how to bring their imagination to life with this magical birthday gift idea.

Maybe you have a budding superstar on your hands and you want to foster their talent with an experience which will nurture their interests. Any up and coming gourmets can learn how to prepare fresh food from scratch at the hands of a top chef, discovering where ingredients come from, how to plan a balanced meal and boosting their confidence in the kitchen. Perhaps you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for a singing star, in which case you could surprise them with a chance to record their favourite track in a professional recording studio.

Whatever your kids get up to this summer you can give them a birthday to remember with a gift experience, whether it’s something special just for them or a day out with the whole family. And if you’re stuck for suggestions for a fun day out during the holidays then our birthday gift ideas are sure to inspire you.

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