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Monday, 20 June 2011

Summer Birthday Gift Ideas For Active People

Despite the changeable weather, having a summer birthday means that you have a great opportunity to give someone a gift that will get them outside and enjoying the countryside. A high ropes experience is a great way to enjoy the glory of nature, and anyone trying one of these exciting courses will have a chance to enjoy the majesty of the forest as they climb and swing between the trees. Scaling heights of 13 meters and more is an exhilarating experience and you can cross rope bridges, swinging between platforms and perhaps even taking on a zip line for those who feel brave enough.

If you’re looking for birthday gift ideas for someone who likes exploring the great outdoors then an orienteering activity day is perfect to help them capture the sense of adventure that comes from finding your way around unfamiliar territory. First used in 1886, the term ‘orienteering’ was used to describe the crossing of unknown land using a map, and anyone who tried it as a child will remember the thrill of finding your way around, making this a great experience gift for kids of all ages.

For those who just like to take a break from the hustle and bustle of their daily routine and learn a little about the flora and fauna of the UK, then a guided nature walk makes a birthday gift idea which they will really appreciate. The pace is a little more gentle than some of out more competitive experience days, so you have a chance to see things that may ordinarily pass you by as your guide points out the plants and animals that are native to the area.

Walkers can enjoy all the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors and there are so many photo opportunities that it’s easy to capture great shots of the wildlife you encounter on your way as well as learning about conservation and natural history.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday present for someone who likes a physical challenge or just likes to embrace the natural world, an experience gift makes a fun and unusual idea.

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