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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Brilliant birthdays

People's excitement about their birthdays generally peaks when they are young – the sheer unadulterated thrill that kids feel gives way to the teenage yearning to achieve the next milestone on the road to the world of adulthood. As a child it seems incredible that grown ups aren’t counting down the days for weeks before the big day, and even more unbelievable that they couldn’t immediately produce a list of twenty things that they would like for their birthday. But how many of us have turned into adults who scratch their heads once a year, racking their brains for a birthday gift idea when people ask what they want?

You can inject all the fun back into your birthday with a gift experience and with our broad range of activity days you are sure to find something to put on your list. Whether you prefer to spend your birthday relaxing, doing something fun and exciting or just trying something completely new why not make this the year that you inspire people with your birthday gift ideas. Perhaps you’re harbouring a secret hankering to live your dream, like taking to the waves and trying to keep your nerve as you learn to surf or soaring through the sky on a glider with the world spread out below you while you catch the thermals and drift over the countryside.

Perhaps you would prefer to get away from it all and enjoy some peace and tranquillity, in which case there’s no better birthday gift idea than a chance to spend some time doing whatever you love whether that be golf, gourmet food or getting together with the girls for a spa day. We have birthday gift ideas to suit anyone’s definition of a good time from white knuckle adrenaline experiences to the ultimate in indulgent relaxation.

If these sound like the kind of birthday gift ideas that you would like to enjoy this year, then this is your chance to break away from the norm and consider doing something truly memorable. We have birthday gift ideas to suit any budget so it doesn't have to be an extravagant request, and you might just surprise yourself.

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