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Friday, 3 June 2011

Birthday Gifts With A Bang

If you have ever tried to come up with birthday gift ideas for someone with an adrenaline addiction, then you will know that it can make you feel as though you are really out of touch.  Socks, books and CDs might be perfect for most people, but they seem vaguely inappropriate for someone who prefers to spend their time flinging themselves perilously off, over and into other places, and short of procuring them their own personal mountain it might seem as though the perfect birthday present is beyond your reach.

But fear not – we have everything for anyone who likes their fun extreme and their knuckles white and we have found some of the most exciting and invigorating experiences around which make perfect birthday presents for anyone who likes to get their heart racing.

Perhaps you know someone who would love to try one of the newer sports which are taking the more adventurous amongst us by storm, in which case you could really make their day with a mountain boarding experience. Somewhere between snowboarding and skateboarding are groups of people hurling themselves down the sides of snow-less mountains on wheeled boards, trying to maintain their balance even on the most challenging terrain, and the chance to learn how to do this makes a great birthday gift idea.

Whilst some people relish the chance to conquer gravity, there is something exhilarating about pitting your wits against a human foe and trying something you would  never do in real life. That’s where our Snatch Experience makes a great birthday present for anyone who has watched a few too many gangster moves and is confident that they could do better.

The experience is a chance to learn how to plan a robbery using pyrotechnics and tactical planning, and everyone will be dressed the part in boiler-suits and balaclavas, using blanks of course so nobody gets hurt. This is a truly unique experience and makes a great birthday gift for anyone who likes life on the edge and appreciates a little excitement in their life.

Looking for a birthday present for an adrenaline junky need never be difficult again - we are constantly adding fantastic new experiences to our range so you can find a thrill suitable for any birthday present.

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