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Friday, 13 May 2011

Bless the Weather

The British have an ability to be stoic about the weather, battling against even the most inclement conditions year after year in an attempt to defy Mother Nature’s intentions to thwart their plans with barrages of hail, sleet and snow. Nevertheless, there are some things which are just better in this weather, some of which can be found amongst out wide range of gift experiences.

For example, on a warm morning when the sun is beginning to peep over the horizon, the flowers are starting to come into bloom and there is a feeling of spring in the air, a hot air ballooning activity day is the perfect way to enjoy aerial views of the countryside. Drifting up through the sky, powered by nothing by the rising of hot air over cold, this is one of the most tranquil ways to travel and on a clear day you will be amazed at what you can see on the ground below.

Another ideal way to get out and enjoy the feeling of the world awakening under the sun’s touch is a stroll around an expertly tended garden, and one of our garden tour experience gifts is a perfect for anyone with an interest in horticulture and natural beauty. For anyone who hasn’t quite got the time or space for a display of topiary or a formal kitchen garden, seeing the fruits of someone else’s labours can be an inspirational experience day which might even give you the kick start you need to create something special in your own garden.

If you want to combine a little physical activity with a chance to appreciate stunning landscapes, then a walking activity day can offer both to any enthusiastic outdoorsman or woman. Snowdonia is an ideal place for a gentle stroll or a more taxing hike through the hills and offers plenty of opportunities to take amazing photographs and breathe in the scents of wild flowers, trees and the heady aroma of fresh water teeming with wildlife.

However you enjoy spending the budding days of spring, there is a perfect experience day for you so you can break out of your daily grind and immerse yourself in the glories of nature.

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