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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gift experiences – having fun and making memories

When you are a kid, gift ideas are no problem – there is always a new craze, favourite cartoon character or must have toy that you hanker for. When people ask what you want for your birthday when you are at primary school, you can reel off a list of items including colour preferences, list of shops where they can be purchased and suggestions on what wrapping paper would be most appropriate.

However, we all get to a point in our lives when the question ‘what would you like for your birthday’ makes us hum and haw and, quite often fail to name a single item. In many cases, what we really want are things you can’t normally buy – more time with the family, a chance to spend some quality time catching up with a friend or the opportunity to try something completely new and different. And that’s why gift experiences are such a great idea for anyone who would enjoy making some memories with their loved ones to celebrate a special occasion.

At Activity Superstore we have thousands of experience days to suit anyone so you can find the perfect present. Perhaps you are looking for a romantic gift idea for your partner, in which case we have plenty of great gift experiences which will allow you to spend some time together doing something you love and making any occasion even more special. Whether you are an active duo who like to get out into the great outdoors, culture vultures who love immersing themselves in theatre or the arts or even a couple who prefer to relax and pamper themselves, we have so many gift experiences to choose from that you will find the perfect way to share some time together and make your day truly memorable.

Maybe you have a friend who could use a break, in which case we have plenty of ways to get away from it all, from flotation tanks to floating in a hot air balloon, driving Lamborghinis to trekking with llamas, so no matter what their idea of a perfect way to unwind, we have an experience day which is guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

We also have a selection of great gift experiences for families which will give you a chance to spend time together. If your family enjoy learning new things, we have a range of experience days which will give them a chance to try their hand at a range of new skills, from sports to crafts with plenty to occupy even the most enquiring mind. If your brood enjoy white knuckle rides on roller coasters and scaring themselves silly trying to defy gravity then we have a range of theme park experience days for families which will definitely be a hit with kids of all ages.

Not only are gift experiences a great way to show someone how much you care with a thoughtful gift which will last a lifetime, but we also make it even easier for you to find that perfect present. We have a gift finder on the website to inspire you with unique and original ideas for any person or occasion, and we offer free standard delivery on all our vouchers, so you can have great gift experiences delivered to your door without leaving your living room. All our experience days are health and safety checked, so you can rest assured that every care is taken to ensure that even our most exciting experiences are completely safe. So let us help you find the perfect gift experience and really make someone’s day.

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