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Friday, 10 December 2010

Make the Olympics your game

With 2012 just over the horizon and the Olympics fast becoming the hot topic of conversation amongst sports fans, everyone can enjoy their own Olympic experience when they try a sport for themselves. At Activity Superstore we have a wide range of sporting experiences which make perfect gift ideas for anyone who enjoys getting a little physical and likes to try new things.

We have great sporting experience days, which are ideal for anyone and make great gift ideas for any budding Olympian. Of course everyone is aware that football is an Olympic sport and we have plenty to interest fans of the beautiful game from stadium tours to coaching experience days for everyone from the very young to those budding stars who want to brush up on their existing skills. We also have tennis activity days for potential sporting stars who want to be better with their backhand, firm up their forehand or just give their stroke some more speed.

For anyone who fancies a slightly more unusual Olympic sport, we have some of the more arcane offerings from the line-up. Perhaps you know someone who would love to try their hand at archery, in which case they can learn everything they need to know at our half day archery gift experiences. It’s a chance to delve into the history of the sport, perfect your technique and take on the ultimate challenge of the all important bullseye. Their main adversaries will be the laws of physics as they try to keep their nerve and steady their hands, and they will be amazed at the focus and skill of the Olympian athletes once they’ve tried it for themselves.

Maybe you are looking for gift experiences for someone debonair and dashing who would like to learn how to resolve any disputes with elegance and style, in which case a fencing experience is a chance to take a trip back in time. In the age when men were men, they found themselves continually having to defend their honour or that of their families in elaborate duels, and you can give someone an experience day which will teach them all they need to know about this sport.

Whatever your favourite Olympic sport, there’s nothing quite like trying your hand at something for yourself, and with our sporting activity days it’s enough to make anyone the immense focus and talent of those athletes at the top.

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