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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Driving Experience Days – ideal gifts for any occasion

We all know someone who has a real love of cars, not just an appreciation of how they can get from one place to another, but a genuine fondness for the sound of the engine, the feel of the seats and a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on under the bonnet.
Unfortunately for most people, the kinds of cars that really get people excited are often the most expensive ones and owning one is just a dream even for the most fervent fans. Fortunately, anyone can find out just what it’s like to drive top of the line cars without having all the expense of owning one – our driving experience days are the ideal way for any enthusiast to get behind the wheel of an amazing vehicle and be able to give it back without so much as having to fill the tank.
Our range of driving experiences includes a wide range of the most prestigious cars as well as some more unusual vehicles. Take our Supercar track days – you can drive everything from the timeless Aston Martin or a classic Ferrari to a relative newcomer like the Ariel Atom which has been taking the motoring world by storm. Perhaps you are looking for a gift experience for someone whose tastes are a little more down and dirty, in which case our rallying experience days are the perfect present, where a rally fan can drive anything from the classic Mitsubishi Evo to the more ‘open plan’ rage buggies which are guaranteed to see them covered in mud by the end of the day.
Perhaps you know someone who is fascinated by the big machines that are essential to the running of our country, not to mention a whole lot of fun to drive. Our big boys’ toys range includes everything from driving a dumper truck or a fire engine to crushing cars in a monster truck or taking a tank for a spin.
With such a broad range of driving experience days available, not to mention a wide range of special offers on some of our most popular track days, we have the perfect gift for any car enthusiast, or just someone who loves to get behind the wheel of something different.

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