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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Reflexology Session – amazing relaxation

It may not be as simple as the knee bone being connected to the leg bone, but therapeutic reflexology works on the principle that the feet hold the secret to soothing the whole body, and it’s hard to believe that spending forty five minutes having your feet massaged could leave you feeling anything but relaxed.

Based on the principle that areas of the feet correspond to areas of the body, reflexology has been practised for as long as five thousand years, by ancient civilisations across the world. Thought to have been developed by the Chinese, the belief which gave rise reflexology is that the positive life force, sometimes called Qi, can be blocked which prevents healing and can even cause health problems. It’s also possible that reflexology uses the application of pressure to the feet to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of chemical which balance the body.

All too often our feet are neglected – other parts of our bodies are more noticeable and we have facials and manicures to ensure that we look perfect, but our feet endure more stress and pressure than any other part of our bodies, so the chance to give them some serious pampering is enjoyable enough, but if a reflexology session could contribute to your general wellbeing as well then you will definitely be refreshed and revitalised.

Your reflexology session will last for approximately forty five minutes during which you will have a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy some focused foot time whilst your reflexologist uses ‘zone therapy’ to pinpoint areas of the rest of your body which might benefit from the effects of reflexology.

So if you know someone who would really appreciate the chance to lie back and let someone go to work on their feet, then a reflexology session really is a great way to treat them to a complimentary therapy which could go far beyond the immediate benefits of fantastic feeling feet.

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