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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Owl Handling – up close with the wisest of birds

Because they are nocturnal, we rarely see owls on our daily commute or as we stroll through the countryside, but they are truly fascinating creatures and the chance to hold an owl and learn about their behaviour and habits is something any bird lover will enjoy. Their reputation in children’s stories as ‘wise’ dates back to ancient Greece and is actually pretty accurate as owls are perfectly adapted to their environments and are hugely successful predators, so an owl handling experience is both fascinating and fun.

Handling an owl will give you an idea of how impressive these birds are up close, and although they are generally solitary animals, the ones you will handle are used to humans and can be very friendly. On an owl handling experience, you will learn about their impressive hunting techniques which make them such a vital part of the food chain that they are now used for pest control. A barn owl alone can consume thousands of rodents in a year and so are vital for maintaining manageable levels in farming areas, and owl handling is a great way to learn how their whole bodies have evolved to enable them to achieve this. Owls also have stereoscopic, binocular vision so unlike most other birds of prey their eyes are forward facing which gives them the vital sense of depth perception required to hunt at night when the light is low.

An owl handling experience is also perfect for anyone who enjoys photography, as once you have met the owls and learnt how to handle them you will be flying them over the countryside which will offer amazing shots as they take off and land and you will be able to capture incredible images from your owl handling experience.

If you have been searching for a gift for an animal lover who would be thrilled at the chance to learn about birds of prey then look no further – our owl handling experience is great fun and a fascinating way to find out about a variety of owls, from barn owls to snowy owls, and see them at their most magnificent.

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