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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dermalogica Men’s Facial – ‘man-pering’ at its finest

There was a time when men’s skincare was as simple as washing off any obvious dirt and putting toilet paper on shaving cuts, but with an ever increasing understanding of how to improve the health and appearance of your skin, men are fast coming to appreciate the benefits of a little manly pampering. A Dermalogica men’s facial is definitely the perfect way for a man to enjoy all the benefits of a rejuvenating treat, as it is not only a chance to enjoy a little pampering, but also a relaxing way to catch some quality time.

A Dermalogica men’s facial is great for any man who wants to improve the look and feel of his skin, and after all a manly life takes its toll on even the toughest of guys. Men’s faces are often subjected to a daily shave which can leave irritation and dryness, and a Dermalogica men’s facial is a great way to get some relief from razor burn, shaving rashes or the odd nick and will leave skin feeling completely revitalised and ready for anything.

There are also plenty of men who are concerned about their faces showing their age, and there’s no reason why women should be the only ones to benefit from younger looking skin after a good pampering session. A Dermalogica men’s facial is an ideal way for men to catch up to the womenfolk and give their skin the kind of treatment which will leave them looking and feeling years younger. A Dermalogica men’s facial is also a perfect way to nourish your skin after a summer of sun and fun, perhaps the odd late night or even a beach holiday and all the after effects of salt water.

If you are looking for a gift for a man who would love a pampering treat then a Dermalogica men’s facial is a great idea to give them a treat which will leave them feeling fantastic. Perhaps you know a rough and ready kind of guy who could use a little sprucing up, in which case a Dermalogica men’s facial is an ideal way to nudge him towards a little skin maintenance and let his manliness shine through.

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