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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Supertrack at Knockhill – super fun on a bike

If you like bikes, then it stands completely to reason that a superbike experience is the kind of track day that will make you long to give it a try. There is definitely something to be said for the modifications that can be made, and these amazing machines will give you a chance to see what that is for yourself. Any biker will tell you that there is nothing like the feeling of sitting astride a powerful engine and seeing what it can do, so sitting astride a superbike is a once in a lifetime experience which will give you an adrenaline rush like you have never had before.

A Supertrack experience is a truly breathtaking activity – there is nothing quite like taking on the twists and turns of the Knockhill circuit on a purpose built machine to get your heart racing. You will have a chance to pick up some expert tips, techniques and superbike advice from three times superbike champion, Niall Mackenzie. Like all our gift experiences, this superbike track day has been fully health and safety checked, so you will be given all the safety advice you need to ensure that you are confident when you take to the track.

A superbike track day starts with a classroom session with Niall Mackenzie where you can be guaranteed some serious bike talk, covering everything from the best way to get your perfect bike set up to inside information on the exciting world of superbiking from a champion’s point of view. You will also get some tips on how to handle the twists and turns of the Knockhill course before you are let loose on your own for an open track session where you can practice your skills and compete with yourself to beat your own lap time.

A superbike track day makes a perfect present for a biker who would really appreciate the chance to go full throttle on a track with no speed cameras and nothing to worry about except having a great time. Perhaps you know someone who is an avid fan of the British Superbike Championship and would love to get on the kind of bike they have been ogling at the events which separate the bikers from the superbikers, in which case a Supertrack experience makes a great gift idea for any special occasion.

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