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Monday, 9 August 2010

Off Road Driving at Rockingham – rocking good fun

Anyone who has been stuck in traffic and taken a longing glance at a neighbouring field will probably have considered how much fun they would have if they had the chance to go off roading. There are plenty of driving experiences which are all about speed and trying to push the car to its limits, but an off road driving experience is about conquering the elemental force of gravity, and the only limit is your nerve – the car can do it, but can you?

Not every car can handle the rigours of off road driving of course, so the first thing you need is the correct equipment so our offroading experiences typically take place in a Land Rover. These are rightly considered as royalty amongst four wheel drive vehicles, with over fifty years of experience in designing off road vehicles and enough control to take on even the most challenging terrain and as many obstacles as you can throw in its path.

Our off road driving experience starts with a briefing, so you will know what to expect both from the car and the course although whether anything can prepare you for the reality of offroading is another matter. As with all our activities, our off roading driving experiences are all health and safety checked, so you know you are in safe hands even when your knuckles are white as you grip the wheel.

The off roading course is at Rockingham, so you can be sure that they have put their driving expertise into creating a course which is perfect for putting your four by four through its paces, so even though you won’t be travelling at great speeds you will certainly feel your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing. With sharp inclines, steep descents and gullies to tackle, an off road driving experience may not be fast, but it will certainly be exciting and you will need all the nerve you can muster to complete the course.

An off roading experience is fantastic fun and a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys driving and would like to try a driving experience which isn’t all about speed. An off road driving day makes an ideal present for someone who dreams of driving a four by four as they can have all the fun of pushing one to its limits without having to clean it afterwards.

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