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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Medieval Dining Experience – a meal like no other

Everyone likes a tasty meal, and with an increase in multi-cultural influences you can now eat food from almost any country in the world should you so choose and there is no shortage of new and interesting dishes to sample. But food from a different period in time is another matter all together and makes for a meal unlike any other. So a medieval dining experience is a great idea for any foodie with a passion for exploring fare from yesteryear.

A medieval dinner is unlike anything you can find in a high street restaurant, and you probably won’t find any familiar dishes on the menu, but you will eat food that will open your eyes to a whole new way of thinking about cooking. Of course, for a peasant in the middle ages the emphasis was on simple and efficient food, so their diet would be dictated by the seasons and availability. However, for a member of the upper classes, medieval dining was a very much more lavish affair, and naturally this is the basis for our medieval feast, for whilst the choice of fresh fruit and vegetables still governed by the seasons, those with money enjoyed a wide variety of meats and seafood as well as flour and dairy products.

Another aspect of a medieval dinner which certainly went some way towards oiling the wheels of conviviality was the prevalence of mead – an alcoholic concoction made from fermenting honey in water, which you will be able to enjoy whilst you tuck in to your meal. Your medieval dining experience not only provides a meal unlike any other, you will also be learning a little something whilst you eat from a genuine jester who will entertain and amuse you so you can really immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere.

A medieval dining experience makes a great gift for someone with an enquiring palette or any jaded restaurant junky who has been craving a new taste sensation. Perhaps you are looking for an unusual gift for a romantic occasion and want to surprise your dinner guest with something they will never have tried before – a medieval dining experience is certainly a unique dinner date.

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