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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Jaguar D-Type at Goodwood – a classic car at a classic track

The best thing about driving a classic car is getting a sense of exactly where on the evolutionary scale of design any particular vehicle lies, and this is never more apparent that when you drive a Jaguar D-Type. Whilst it may share the basic engine design of its predecessor, the unsurprisingly named C-Type, driving a Jaguar D-Type will show you how the introduction of aeronautic approach to aerodynamics on a car made for an unwavering ability to leave the competition trailing in its dust.

Because it was built specifically to win races, driving a D-Type Jaguar is a dream come true for any classic car fan, and the Jaguar D-Type has a pedigree that will make you feel as though you are driving a little piece of history. This model was designed with winning in mind and the team who created it had the Le Mans 24 hour endurance race in their sights, convinced that with groundbreaking design and specifically tailored elements to suit every section of the course, it wouldn't be long before the D-Type Jaguar was sailing to victory. And, of course it did - not once, but three times in a row.

It’s lucky for any racing fan that our Jaguar D-Type driving experience is in the ‘Le Mans Replica’ model, so as you enjoy the drive, you are also reliving the experiences of the drivers who sped to victory in the 1950s. Sitting behind the wheel of a classic car is always a thrill, but knowing that you are in control of a machine built for speed alone will have your heart racing as you feel the acceleration, making your D-Type Jaguar driving experience one which will really get your adrenaline flowing.

A track day at Goodwood is an incredible rush, with over 60 years of racing heritage our Jaguar D-Type driving experience is a journey through history in more ways that one and it makes a great gift idea for anyone with an interest in classic cars and racing history. Whether you are looking for a gift for someone who loves design and engineering or perhaps a special treat for someone with a passion for speed, a Jaguar D-Type driving experience at Goodwood is definitely a gift with more than a touch of class.

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