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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ice Climbing – a chilling challenge

If you have ever tried rock climbing then you will know the thrill of trying to find that next foot hole and how exciting it is to feel a crack that you can use to pull yourself up to the next step. Even climbing on an indoor wall, where there are pre-defined routes and the hand and foot holes are designed to be easy to use can get your heart racing when you realise how high you are and how much you are relying on a rope and a harness. But ice climbing goes beyond both of these, with not only gravity to overcome but the smooth, slippery surface which you will have to scale in order to conquer the ice wall.

There is nothing quite like standing at the bottom of a wall of ice, looking up at the summit and knowing that the only thing standing between you and the top is a little determination and some hard work. As with all our activities, our ice climbing experience is fully health and safety checked, so all you have to worry about is whether you can manage to keep your cool and get to the top.

Ice climbing is a truly exhilarating experience, pitting yourself against nature as well as your own nerve, but you will have one on one tuition with an experienced instructor who will give you all the advice and tips you need as well as a healthy dose of encouragement so that your ice climbing experience is one you will remember for a long time. You will have a full briefing on how to tackle the more challenging aspects of the climb as well as general climbing techniques, so you don’t need to be a seasoned climber to be able to try ice climbing – even if you’ve never tried it before, you will feel like a pro by the end of an ice climbing experience.

So if you know someone who loves to push themselves to the limit, enjoys a physical challenge or just likes to feel the excitement of trying something new, then an ice climbing experience makes a great gift idea. And whether they are experienced climbers or enthusiastic first timers, an ice climbing experience might be just the thing to inspire a new hobby.

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