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Friday, 20 August 2010

Gyrocopter flying experience – a fun flight for everyone

Have you ever wondered what kind of machine you would end up with if you crossed an airplane with a helicopter? If so, then you will be amazed when you see a gyrocopter, as they are rotor driven and use aerodynamic forces to become airborne, but with the traditional controls one would expect to find in a light airplane, so a gyrocopter flying experience is a completely unique way to take to the skies.

Designed specifically to be safe at low speeds, gyrocopters have two propellers: one to provide lift as air passes through it and keep it airborne and one which provides forward thrust. One of the most incredible things about a gyrocopter flying experience is the fact that their unique design makes it astonishingly nimble in the air, allowing them to perform manoeuvres which other light aircraft could not even attempt.

All this fun can be at your fingertips when you try our gyrocopter flying experience and with the help of our qualified instructors you will learn how to use the stick, rudder and pedals and how to angle the blades to make take advantage of the laws of physics and maximise your uplift. You will be shown how to get the most out of this wacky little machine, and the chances are you’ll be hooked in no time at all.

All our activities are health and safety checked, and this gyrocopter flying lesson is no exception, so not only will you be flying in a machine specifically built to be safe, you can also rest assured that every care has been taken to ensure that your only concern is whether you can bear to leave the gyrocopter at the end of the experience.

With so much fun at your fingertips, a gyrocopter flying experience is a chance to be in the pilot of a machine with flair making it a perfect present for any enthusiastic flying fan who would love to try something new. And if you are looking for an unusual gift idea for any occasion, be it a birthday, anniversary or other celebration, a gyrocopter flying lesson is definitely a once in a lifetime experience.

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