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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Rage Buggies – Dirty Driving

Driving a luxury car can be a fantastic experience with electric windows, air conditioning, heated seat covers and all the mod cons that allow you to travel in total comfort and style. At the opposite end of the spectrum however, there is a world of fun to be had motoring around in a vehicle which offers no protection from the elements, or the mud and dust that you churn up as you take on the track. A rage buggy driving experience offers all this and more, and once you have tried driving a rage buggy, you will wonder why you ever bothered with a windscreen or any windows at all.

Rage buggies are relative newcomers to the motoring scene, and they have certainly taken racing to a new level of excitement, and because they are designed specifically for the purpose of having high speed fun, a good time is just waiting for you behind the wheel. Rage Buggies may not look a lot like supercars, but you will find yourself hard pressed to argue that they aren’t every bit as fun, with a dune buggy style bodywork which allows you to really feel at one with the road surface and 14 inches of suspension so that you don’t take too much punishment as you drive sideways around the track.

You will have a briefing on how to handle the surprisingly powerful rage buggy from a professional who will show you how to use the controls and make the most of the car’s assets when it comes to trying out power slides and drifting. The whole rage buggy experience has passed our rigorous health and safety inspections so you can rest assured that you are totally safe, but be prepared to get muddy as you take to the track and try out some of your new moves for yourself.

A rage buggy driving experience makes a great gift idea for any avid driver who loves getting down and dirty with a car which will surprise them with its speed, and driving a rage buggy is such fun you might want to try it yourself.

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