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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Clay Pigeon Shooting – great fun with a gun

If you have ever held a shotgun then you will know that there is something evocative about feeling the weight in your hand which draws on the age old traditions from which clay pigeon shooting has evolved. Modern clay pigeon shooting is not so far removed from the traditional sport from which it has evolved, the main difference being the fact that clay targets can be relied on to behave in the same way every time, meaning that when you take part in a clay pigeon shooting experience you can focus on getting used to the gun, learning how to track the target and of course the all important shooting.

Whilst the origins of clay pigeon shooting may not have been suitable for animal lovers, today the sport is all about precision and concentration and the feeling of achievement when you see the target break up in the air. A clay pigeon shooting experience is a chance to learn everything you need to know to have a good time shooting. You will have a fully qualified instructor on hand who will show you how to get started, including how to hold the gun, how to aim and how to track the target through the air to ensure that you pull the trigger at exactly the right moment to ensure that you hit the clay.

All of our activities are health and safety checked, so even though there are guns involved, you don’t need to worry about anything except trying to hit the clays – your instructor will show you to make sure that you can handle the gun with confidence and that you are ready for the recoil. We have a range of locations, so you can find a clay pigeon shooting activity close to home, or incorporate it into a trip to somewhere new or a weekend away. We also have different options for the experience itself, so you can choose thirty or fifty clays, go off peak clay shooting or even go clay pigeon shooting as a couple, which is particularly fun if you have a little healthy competition between you.

Clay pigeon shooting makes a great gift idea for anyone who likes to get outside and experience something exciting – there’s nothing quite like the rush of hitting your first clay and there is something addictive about the feeling of looking down the barrel of a shotgun. A clay pigeon shooting experience is not just a perfect present for a special occasion, but can lead to a life long love affair with the sport.

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