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Monday, 30 August 2010

Bread Making – become a baker

There is a very good reason why estate agents always recommend the smell of freshly baking bread to make your home seem appealing to potential buyers, and that is the simple fact that the smell of bread when it’s fresh from the oven is delicious. Plenty of people think that bread making is difficult and time consuming, but they would be mistaken – once you get the hang of it, you will be able to whip up a loaf of your favourite bread in no time.

Bread making is an ancient art which dates back to Neolithic times when their early equivalent of bread would have been more like a baked grain paste, although whether the discovery of the leavening properties of flour was discovered by accident or experimentation is lost in the mists of time. Throughout the ages, bread has been evolving to suit not only the tastes of the time, but newly available ingredients and also the refinement of the bread making process.

A bread making experience is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to make their own bread, and with the help of your chef you will learn the secrets of perfectly risen bread. Whether you prefer focaccia, wholemeal or even brioche, you will learn the tips and tricks of making bread, including how to get the crust just how you like it, what you can add to your dough to make bread to suit your specific tastes and, if you are hoping to save money by baking bread at home, you will even find out the best way to make sure you are saving dough whilst you’re making dough.

So if you know someone who is hoping to become a domestic god or goddess with a variety of home cooked fare, then a bread making experience is definitely a great way for them to learn how to get started. Our bread making workshop is also perfect for anyone with food allergies or intolerances as you can make bread to suit your own tastes and dietary requirements with ingredients which you choose yourself, so a bread making experience could be the perfect way to help you manage your diet, or just enhance it with some new and original breads.

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