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Friday, 13 August 2010

Assault Course – put yourself through your paces

There are some people who hate to get their hands dirty and refuse to touch anything which might leave a mark, and then there are those who love some rough and tumble and have no fear of muddy water, dirt or getting a little dishevelled. If you thought that assault courses were just for army cadets or reality television participants, then think again – our assault course experiences are purpose built to ensure that you get a chance to really see what you are made of and let you get muddy in the process.

An assault course is the perfect opportunity to push your body to its limits, and to experience several different challenges along the way: there are beams to test your balance and see whether you can combine speed with agility to make it over in record time without falling off, there are walls to climb over to see if you have what it takes in terms of upper body strength, and if you have ever wondered what it is like to dive through a tube and land in the mud on the other side, now you can find out.

An assault course is not for everyone, but if you are the kind of person who likes to take on new challenges and see what they can handle then an assault course experience will certainly do just that. Plus we try to ensure that everything is authentic, from the see saws to the crawl nets, and if the weather conditions permit we even try to throw in a river crossing or two to really put you through your paces. With all the obstacles you would expect to see on an assault course and a few surprises too, this experience is certainly not for anyone who hates getting their feet wet, but we don’t expect everyone to complete the assault course in record time and can accommodate varying fitness levels.

An assault course experience is a great gift idea for anyone who would love a chance to put themselves to the test and see if they can handle the rough stuff. Perhaps you know someone who has been in training and would love to put all their hard work to the test with a chance to pit their wits against an assault course, in which case this makes a great motivational treat.

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