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Friday, 30 July 2010

Visit the National Space Centre – it’s out of this world

Anyone who has ever looked up at the night sky and wondered at the secrets of the stars, how to recognise the most frequently seen constellations and what it all means for life on earth will love a chance to visit the National Space Centre. As a winner of a multitude of awards, there is so much to see and do that no matter whether you are a seasoned space fanatic or a complete newcomer to the mysteries of the universe, a National Space Centre visit will definitely teach you something you didn’t know.

The National Space Centre has plenty to offer all visitors, no matter how old making it a perfect destination for families. You can discover whether you have what it takes to cut it as an astronaut, a fascinating job which requires a unique combination of physical fitness and mental focus. There is a wealth of information about the planets which make up our solar system, from cold hard facts to myths and legends which have endured through the ages despite our increasing understanding of how our solar system works. The National Space Centre is also home to the UK’s largest planetarium, the Space Theatre, where you can enjoy a 360° voyage of discovery.

A family trip to the National Space Centre is a great chance to learn together, from discovering how black holes form, understanding the search for the intelligent life beyond earth and marvelling at the sheer number of near earth objects which have collided with our planet over its history. You can also step into the year 2025 to see what the future of space travel holds for us, find out how the UK will be involved and even see a piece of rare moon rock.

The National Space Centre has something for everyone, with enough to keep kids entertained and educated as well as teaching adults a thing or two about what lies in the skies. A family ticket to the National Space Centre is a great opportunity to learn together and have a great time as well, so if you’re looking for a family treat for the summer holidays or want to inspire them to learn even when they are not in the classroom, then a visit to the National Space Centre is the ideal experience.

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