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Monday, 19 July 2010

Sunseeker Power Boat experience

If you have never tried powerboating, then you should definitely consider making their first powerboat experience on the classic Sunseeker. There is a reason that the Sunseeker was chosen to ‘star’ in no less than three Bond films and it’s easy to see why as it is sleek, stylish and capable of quite awe inspiring speeds, all of which make it the perfect vessel for a high speed water chase which will leave the bad guys behind and the hero looking good as he makes his escape.

The origins of the Sunseeker power boat would make a perfect film as well, with the design for the first one inspired by a boat dealer who wanted a boat with a full width sun-bed in the stern. The company made one at his request and once they realised how popular this kind of luxury boat could be they decided from then on to always listen to their customers and produce powerboats which were luxurious as well as powerful and fast.

A Sunseeker powerboat experience starts with a safety briefing – James Bond may make it look easy to just hop into one of these and take off at speed, but we have a strict health and safety policy which means you can feel safe at all times, even when you have the wind in your hair as you tear through the water. Once the briefing is complete, you will be taken out on the open water for a taste of what makes a Sunseeker powerboat experience such a thrill, with plenty of throttle it might get your heart racing, but you will also have a chance to see some of our beautiful coast from a new perspective.

A Sunseeker powerboating experience makes a great gift for anyone who loves messing around on boats, and if you know someone who is a speed demon on land, then a Sunseeker powerboat experience is a great opportunity for them to experience what it is like to reach incredible speeds at sea as well. Anyone who enjoys the finer things in life will be thrilled to have a chance to get up some speed on a Sunseeker powerboat experience as they enjoy the ultimate in design at high speeds sure to give anyone the experience of a lifetime.

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