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Monday, 12 July 2010

Street dance workshop – get down with it

Formal dancing is all well and good, but there’s something about the rawness of street dancing which taps into people’s souls. Wanting to ‘get down’ is an inherent human urge which taps into some primal instinct that we all seem to have within us – have you ever been listening to music and just wanted to let your body go with the flow and do its thing? Then you might be ready for a street dancing workshop, where you can learn how to make free with the moves without feeling as though you don’t know what you are doing.

Since the dawn of time, man has wanted to move to the beat of whatever music has been played by his contemporaries, and this instinct is one which has not abated over time, nor been dulled by modern living – something about hearing a beat taps into our very souls and make us want to move our feet. Most of the time, the only thing holding us back is fear that we might look ridiculous and make a fool of ourselves in front of people who have much more credibility than we can muster. But it need not be like that – a street dance workshop can give you the confidence you need to cut some moves without constantly feeling as though everyone will be staring.

Modern street dancing incorporates many elements of traditional dance, referring back to ballet and jazz dance techniques with an updated style to create an entirely new form of movement which can be adapted to more contemporary music. Our street dance workshops include tuition on popping, locking, stepping and wacking, and if you don’t know what any of those are, then you could probably benefit from some instruction and a chance to learn the hippest dance moves

A street dance workshop will not only boost your confidence, but offer a chance to learn moves which will impress everyone around you, making it the perfect starting point if you want to know how to throw shapes which will impress when you hit the dance floor. And if you know someone who could use a little guidance when it comes to cutting some rug, a street dance workshop will give them the pointers they need to ensure that people will be looking at them for all the right reasons.

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