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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Predator experience – where couples and killers come together

Some people hate anything that slithers or crawls and are constantly on the lookout for beast and bugs that might be lurking in the long grass, hiding in a tree or trying to sneak into their house. Then there are people who embrace all animal life, and are fascinated by the creatures which spend their time hunting in order to survive, intrigued by the way nature has provided them with weapons, tactics and incredible physical quirks which enable them to seek out and take down their prey. Whichever group you fall into, the chances are a predator experience for two will be a great chance to learn more about these amazing animals and either conquer your fear or confirm your love of these creatures.

Depending on your opinion of predators, we are either lucky or unlucky in the UK that we have very few native species of the kind that you will encounter during a predator experience – not for us the deadly spiders or venomous snakes which can be found almost everywhere else around the world. For those who find this reassuring, a predator experience for two may just be what you need to discover a new-found appreciation of how these creatures go about their constant struggle for food and survival.

You may find that getting up close and personal with snakes, spiders and even birds of prey on a predator experience will help you to overcome a fear of such animals, which could open up a world of opportunities in terms of travel destinations. Like all our activities, your predator experience is fully health and safety checked so you don’t have to worry about anything except putting aside any misgivings you have and learning to love the little critters.

But if you are already taken by these perfectly evolved hunting machines, then a chance to see them in all their glory and learn about them from an expert handler on a predator experience for two will certainly prove an interesting and enjoyable experience, and one which you are sure to be talking about for years to come. Whether you are a firm fan of all living things or a little apprehensive about animals which hunt, a predator experience for two makes a great gift idea for any occasion.

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