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Friday, 9 July 2010

Mountain Biking for Two – two wheeled fun

It’s almost impossible to switch on the television or pick up a newspaper without reading a story about the benefits of keeping fit and how our modern, sedentary lifestyles can contribute to health problems later in life. But for some people, the idea of going to the gym does not appeal, running on a treadmill without actually getting anywhere seems pointless so, but mountain biking is a fun form of exercise which actually has a purpose is a great way to inspire you to take the next step towards getting in shape and having a great time while you do it.

Mountain biking has a lot to offer – an eco friendly and super healthy way to get around meaning that your carbon footprint will get smaller as well as your waist. Plus, you can enjoy all the fun of travelling around at a more leisurely pace than driving, meaning you will see more of your local area and you can take your bikes to beauty spots across the country to enjoy the UK’s fantastic scenery. When you go mountain biking, you can set your own pace, so if it has been a while since you got your heart rate up you don’t have to start off at Tour de France speeds, you can start slowly and as your confidence and fitness increases, you can work your way up to a faster pace.

As fun and healthy as mountain biking is, it can be a little daunting to begin with so if you feel as though you could use a little coaching and some expert knowledge to get you off on the right foot (or wheel as the case may be) then a mountain biking experience is a great way to learnt the essentials. If you want to learn how to handle yourself confidently once you get off the roads and out into the countryside then there’s nothing better than a mountain biking course and it’s just for adults, so you will have a chance to learn everything you need to know alongside other people of similar abilities.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a couple who like to get out and enjoy fresh air and fun, then a mountain biking experience is the perfect gift idea – perhaps you know someone who has just moved to a new, more rural area and would like to get to know their surroundings, or a couple who want to turn over a new leaf with their fitness regime who would be sure to appreciate the chance to learn the secrets of mountain biking.

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