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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Fencing experience for two – fun with a foil

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to take on an opponent with a shout of ‘en garde’ and a flourish which makes everyone in the room gasp with admiration, then you should definitely consider a fencing experience. This fun activity is for two people, making it perfect for a couple who like to keep each other on their toes, or a couple of pals who enjoy a little friendly competition and would like to test themselves in a completely new sport to see who will emerge the victor.
It’s not just for grappling between the good guys and the villains in films, fencing is an Olympic sport and a fencing experience will show you exactly what the athletes who compete need to master to maintain their status as experts in their field. As with all our activities, our fencing experience is fully health and safety checked, and you will be given a full safety briefing to ensure that you enjoy the chance to learn about this ancient sport without worrying about being injured – there are no duels to the death at our fencing experience, and we don’t even let people write their initials in their opponents' shirts, so you will not have to worry about damage to anything except perhaps your pride.
Your fencing experience includes training with international coaches, so you will learn all the important fencing basics, including essential footwork which you will need to stand a chance of beating your opponent. You will also learn about the equipment involved including the mask which is so widely associated with the sport and of course the foils, epees and sabres – the three kinds of swords associated with fencing. A fencing experience will also teach you how to perform the moves you may have heard of, such as the parry, riposte and feint, all of which will come in handy when you take on your first opponent.
If you’re looking for a gift for a couple who would appreciate the chance to learn a new and exciting skill and make the most of an opportunity to challenge each other, then a fencing experience for two is a present which will definitely keep them on their toes. Maybe you’re looking for a birthday present or anniversary gift for your partner and want to surprise them with something a little out of the ordinary, in which case a fencing experience is definitely a unique gift.

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