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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Build your own website – get yourself online

The internet has changed all our lives, whether you are an avid fan, an occasional user or someone who is just getting to grips with the vast panoply of information available on the world wide web. However, even the most confident browser is often at a loss when it comes to creating a website, meaning that a chance to build your own website makes a great gift idea for anyone who wants to get to grips with technology.
Anyone can have build a website, and the range of options is incredible, for example if you know someone who has been researching their family tree, they may want to post the details of their discoveries online to chart their progress, keep track of all the subsidiary information in one place and maybe even share information with new found relatives around the globe. Perhaps you know someone with a flair for art who would love the chance to display their work to a wider audience, in which case building a website is a great way to get the word out and show their talents to the world.
A build your own website gift doesn’t involve any of the more complicated aspects of creating a virtual space – the software you will use is incredibly simple and there are thousands of templates to choose from to ensure that you have everything you need to create exactly the kind of website you want. You can include as many pages as you want, which is perfect for anyone looking to build a website to consolidate a large amount of information. Your build your own website package will also allow you to add pictures, a video player so visitors to your site can watch clips that you have posted and even an MP3 jukebox if you want to add some music and plenty of other features which you can integrate into your site to suit your needs.
So if you know someone who would love the opportunity to build a website, whether it’s for personal use, to get a new business up and running or just for fun, a build your own website experience is a great gift idea. A build your own website package also makes an amazing engagement or gift for a couple – they can chart the planning process, add pictures of the big day and even include the music people were dancing to on the day if they like making it a great way to preserve their memories and share them with those who attended and anyone who couldn’t make it.

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