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Friday, 2 July 2010

Beer and Food Evening for two – a romantic evening for beer lovers

Not everyone is impressed by Champagne and foie gras – some people appreciate a treat which is a little more down to earth and a beer and food evening for two is a romantic evening with a difference and a great gift idea for any beer loving couple who would appreciate a chance to spend some time together enjoying their favourite drink.
Your beer and food evening for two includes a guided evening tour where you will learn the secrets of brewing award winning beer as well as speciality lagers, not to mention the history of the beer brewing process. As the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage in the world, beer is definitely a drink which has an intriguing history, and some of the oldest writings in the world refer to beer, the process of brewing it and even the laws surrounding its supply.
One of the unique elements of the beer and food evening for two is the four course beer dinner which is freshly made with very best local ingredients and every course has a uniquely ‘beery’ twist which will give you some idea of how you can incorporate beer into almost every aspect of your life.
A beer and food evening even includes a sneak peek into the world of the person who may just have the best job in the world – the master brewer, who is responsible for checking each batch of the brown stuff and ensure high standards are maintained for every single drop which the brewery produces. You can pit your wits against other beer lovers in a beer quiz, where you will get the chance to see how much you have learnt over the course of the day and maybe learn even more.
So if you have been trying to find the perfect gift for a couple who like their beer and would enjoy the chance to spend an evening surrounded by the stuff, then a beer and food evening for two is a gift which is bound to pt a smile on their faces. Perhaps you are trying to find a suitably romantic idea for your anniversary, a birthday or other special occasion then a beer and food evening for two will definitely get you in the good books.

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