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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Art classes with a big difference

Have you ever visited an art gallery and been inspired to try and create something yourself? Perhaps you look at works of art that sell for thousands of pounds and think that you could do better? Taking an art class can be seem a little intimidating and a lot of people feel that traditional art classes might not be the kind of atmosphere that is conducive to artistic expression, but that need not be the case. A Dr Sketchy’s experience for two is a chance to unleash your artistic potential without being limited to ‘classical’ models or any particular style.

At a Dr Sketchy’s experience, you may find yourself drawing a belly dancer, muscle man or even a burlesque dancer, so there’s plenty to inspire your imagination and allow you to feel artistic, and you will be treated to performances in between the posing, so if you need something to get your creative juices flowing, then seeing the models in their element will certainly give you an insight into how to capture their essence.

Our Dr Sketchy’s art experiences generally take place in bars or clubs, with a short introduction to how the classes work before letting you loose to create your own interpretation of what you’re seeing. You can take your own sketch pads or use the materials provided, and the experience is for two, so you won’t be on your own, staring at a blank piece of paper and wondering what everyone else’s creations look like. You can have a couple of drinks, enjoy the performances and relax as you draw – you won’t be stuck in a classroom trying to feel inspired by a bowl of fruit or have a teacher telling you to be quiet.

A Dr Sketchy’s experience makes a perfect present for a creative couple who would like to try something creative with a difference, and will certainly offer more entertainment than your average art class. Maybe you are looking for an anniversary treat to enjoy with your partner and want to try something completely new and inspiring, in which case a Dr Sketchy’s art class definitely fits the bill. A Dr Sketchy’s experience also makes a great retirement gift for someone who maybe hasn’t picked up a sketch pad in years but wants to find an outlet for their artistic talent – there’s no better way to inspire someone to get back to their easel than offering them a truly inspiring subject to get them started.

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