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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Archery experience – aim and fire for a great time

Have you ever wondered whether you would have made it as a Robin Hood style outlaw, fighting for the powers of good in a corrupt and unfair world? Could you keep your cool and hit your target even if some fair maiden’s life was at stake? Well, an archery experience doesn’t involve any immediate peril or damsels in distress, but it will give you a hands on chance to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow.
Archery was once used exclusively in battle, where precision and a steady hand could mean the difference between life and death at the hands of an advancing enemy, but in the modern world, it’s just great fun and an archery experience is a great gift for anyone who likes to test their skills against the elements and the others on the range to see who has the keenest eye for the target.
There’s no need to worry that you may get caught up in a skirmish – all our activities are health and safety checked to our rigorous standards, meaning that our archery experience has met the requirements to ensure that all you have to worry about is whether or not you can hit the bullseye.
An archery experience is a great chance to learn a new skill and you never know, you might uncover Olympic grade talent once you get out on the range and start shooting. You will have a fully qualified instructor on hand to show you exactly how to stand, aim and shoot, get to grips with all the necessary equipment as well as ensuring that everyone is fully briefed on the safety aspects of the archery range.
So if you know someone who would love to go old-school with a shooting experience and get to grips with a sport which is all about focus and precision, then an archery experience is a fantastic gift idea and one which may well inspire a life-long hobby. Perhaps you would like to take up a new sport and fancy something a little out of the ordinary, in which case an archery experience is a great way to get started with some expert tuition.

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