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Monday, 5 July 2010

Aerobatics in a Bi-Plane – see the world from a new angle

Do you know someone with nerves of steel who would relish the chance to take a truly white knuckle ride in a vintage bi-plane where they will be treated to a truly impressive display of aerial antics and have the chance to see how a skilled pilot can make a plane do pretty much anything you can imagine? If so, then an aerobatics flight in a vintage bi-plane could be just what you’re looking for as you certainly won’t find a more exciting way to take to the skies in a hurry.
Anyone who has been to an air show or is lucky enough to live near an airfield will have marvelled at the iconic silhouette of a bi-plane shooting through the sky, their unique two winged design making for an unforgettable sight as they manage manoeuvres which you would never manage in the large passenger planes of today. An aerobatic experience in a bi-plane will certainly open your eyes to the incredibly nimble nature of these aircraft, not to mention the sheer fun of sitting in a machine which will take you right back in time to the glory days of aviation with.
An aerobatic flying experience in a bi-plane is a chance to discover the secrets of the stunts that they will perform, many of which were originally concocted by pilots who wanted to entertain those on the ground and impress other pilots. When some of these manoeuvres had been perfected, it became clear that actually these show-offs had come up with some moves which would offer pilots a tactical advantage during aerial combat and helped them to improve their chances in dogfights. Nowadays, aerobatic flight manoeuvres are taught to pilots to help improve their flying skills and increase confidence at the controls of an airplane as well as for use in tactical combat and of course there are those who perform at air-shows and in national events to amaze and impress the crowds.
So if you want a gift for an adrenaline junky who would love the chance to see the world from the cockpit of a plane doing a loop the loop, then an aerobatic flight in a bi-plane makes a fantastic gift and makes for a once in a lifetime experience.

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