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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Westfield Sports Car – drive a British classic

Anyone with a passion for driving will be thrilled at the idea of driving a hand built British sports car – there may be a certain cache to some of the better known brands, like the Aston Martin or Jaguar, but when you have as much power as a Westfield, none of the rest of it matters. A Westfield sports car driving experience will be enough to convince any petrol head that this little known manufacturer is a hidden gem, and once you’ve been burning rubber in one of these incredible machines, you will wonder how they have stayed out of the spotlight.
With a front engine design, rear wheel drive and lightweight bodywork, the chances of finding a faster car are very slim – the designer works on the premise that ‘less is more’ meaning that everything about these cars is designed to maximise your top speed and eliminate any excess weight that will limit your ability to push this car to its limits, making a Westfield driving experience a thrill to rival any car. The super light fibre glass bodywork makes a Westfield sleek and speedy, whilst their innovative independent rear suspension allows it to tackle even the tiniest bump without any loss of speed.
Your Westfield sports car driving experience includes an introduction to some of the finer points of controlling such a powerful car, including counter steering and handling, which are all important elements of managing the sheer power of this car.
If you can manage all that, you may also get a chance to learn some drifting techniques before testing your new found skills with some timed laps. Then you will have a chance to take it to the next level with some more intense concentration, reaching higher speeds than ever before. You’ll be navigating more complex obstacles such as tight corners and chances to do some donuts which will all be timed and will contribute towards a team prize which will be awarded to the fastest drivers at the end of the session.
A Westfield sports car driving experience is an opportunity to drive a quality car with help from a professional instructor and a perfect gift for any petrol head.

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