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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tiger Moth flying lesson – the ultimate aviation experience

Of all the aircraft which we see in the skies, there is something special about catching sight of a bi-plane, and the Tiger Moth is the most iconic, with its 1930s style and history of service in the Royal Air Force. The design of the Tiger Moth was derived from that of its predecessor, the de Havilland Gipsy Moth with changes made to make it easier for the occupant of the front seat to bail out when wearing a parachute. The Tiger Moth was considered an ideal training plane, which is why a flying lesson in a Tiger Moth is such a fantastic experience and one which is sure to give you an idea of the thrill of controlling such an historically significant machine.
Flying a Tiger Moth is definitely a great way to experience aviation as it used to be – whist the Tiger Moth was popular as a training plane in the UK, it also made its way across the Commonwealth and was the first plane in which many military pilots ever took to the skies. Since the war, the vast majority of Tiger Moths have gone to good homes at aviation clubs as well as private ownership, and have found such varied roles in the world of modern aviation as aerial ambulances, crop dusters and even as aerobatic performers.
Our Tiger Moth flying experiences are a chance to don the authentic kit of goggles and a flying jacket and fly back in time in authentic style – not only will you have a chance to enjoy the view from behind your instructor, but you will also have a chance to take the controls yourself and control the plane, all at the incredible speed of around 80 knots (just over 80 miles an hour). Nothing can quite equal the thrill of looking down over the countryside and seeing the country spread out below you as it might have looked to the original pilots of these incredible plains.
So if you know someone who would love to get behind the controls of an iconic flying machine and experience the wind rushing through their hair as they sit in the open cockpit then our wide range of Tiger Moth flying lessons has everything you need to find the perfect present.

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