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Monday, 14 June 2010

Double Decker bus driving – double decker fun

Many a child has grown up in awe of the double decker bus – something about walking up the stairs to the top deck gives an otherwise normal journey a frisson of excitement and if you ever looked out of the front window, the feeling that the road was being swallowed up in front of you was a thrill.
Driving a double decker bus is something that lots of people want to try, but unless you want to go through a gruelling training process and actually become a bus driver it may seem like just a dream. Unless of course someone gives you a double decker bus driving experience – a chance to learn how to handle one of these huge beasts which we see on the road all the time but rarely consider as needing expert control from their drivers. For example, have you ever considered the difficulties of making a tight turn in a vehicle with a short wheel base and long overhang? It takes some skill to drive a double decker bus and manoeuvring around roundabouts, T-junctions and in and out of garages.
Our double decker bus driving experience is certainly informative – double decker buses are fitted with a semi-automatic gear box which requires some skill to manage, so your instructor will ensure that you get a chance to master the art of changing gear smoothly. You will also take on plenty of other obstacles, all of which make for a challenging and exciting experience, and if you can manage to keep your cool whilst taking on some of the things a normal bus driver has to tackle on the job every day, then your double decker bus driving experience will have been a success.
So if you know someone who has expressed an interest in bus driving, perhaps someone who has threatened to buy a bus themselves and you don’t want to have to work out where they could park it, a bus driving experience is sure to put a smile on their face. Or maybe you just know a bus nut who would appreciate a chance to get behind the wheel of one of these kings of the road – if they have a birthday coming up or any other special occasion, a double decker bus driving experience makes a perfect present.

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