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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Half Day Llama Trek – learn a lot about llamas

Not everybody is aware at quite how incredible llamas really are – they are docile, easy to train, not to mention good natured and fascinating, so what better way to find out all you could want to that a llama trek?
A half day llama trekking experience will give you a chance to get up close and personal with these appealing camel-like creatures and see some beautiful countryside as you take a leisurely stroll alongside the llamas. These curious animals are keen to approach humans and have many similar characteristics, living in family groups and caring for one another with great affection and protectiveness. They warn each other of impending danger with warning noises and mothers hum to their young, known as crias, when they are first born.
Your llama trek will also be an opportunity to learn about the slightly strange sounding phenomenon of using guard llamas to protect sheep against predators and llamas have been noted as being particularly protective of lambs, making them ideal for the role of caring for the herd and they can also be used to guard goats, their close relations alpacas and other livestock. Llamas also have very fine undercoats which can be used for wool, and a tougher outer coat which is traditionally used for rugs and all hangings, so the llama has contributed to art and fashion as well.
A half day llama trek will teach you all you could want to know about these gentle animals, starting with an introduction to the world of llamas and a chance to meet the animals. You will then embark on the llama trek itself leading a llama through the local countryside, and given that llamas generally walk at around 2 miles per hour you don’t need to be a speedy hiker – so long as you can manage a four mile stroll at a leisurely pace, a llama trek will prove to be an educational and enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.
So if you know a couple of animal lovers who would love to meet, trek and bond with a llama then a half day llama trekking activity makes an unusual but fun gift idea – they will learn a lot and come home with a new sense of appreciation for these versatile creatures.

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