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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Floatation gift experiences – let your cares float away

There is nothing quite like floating weightlessly in body temperature water to relieve tension and help clear your mind completely. Anyone who has been to the Dead Sea will know that the buoyancy of the water allows you to bob about on the surface, and unlike lying on a bed, there is no resistance, so every muscle can completely relax. A floatation tank experience is based on the same principle, with a balance of Epsom salts dissolved in water that is maintained at body temperature, meaning that you can achieve the same feeling of weightlessness without travelling hundreds of miles to the Dead Sea itself.
A floatation tank experience involves a chance to spend an hour in a specially designed tank where you will be completely free from sensory distractions – you won’t be able to hear any annoying noise, you will have control of the lighting so you can adjust it to the perfect level to optimise your relaxation. You can lie back in the water and experience the closest thing to zero gravity that you get without being shot into space. Once you close your eyes, it is only a matter of moments before you feel any stress drifting away, your muscles will all begin to release any lingering tension and you will be on your way to complete relaxation.
A floatation experience is a unique opportunity to experience the ultimate in quiet time – a few minutes is enough to give you a profound sense of calm and after an hour, you will be completely revitalised and feel ready to take on the world.
A floatation experience makes a great gift for anyone who could do with an opportunity to get away from the stresses and strains of daily life, so if you know someone who would appreciate an opportunity to take a break from things for an hour, then you could give them the perfect present. But if you feel like you could use some soothing silence, then don’t wait till someone takes the hint – you can give yourself the gift of a floatation experience and treat yourself to relaxation like you’ve never felt before.

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