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Friday, 25 June 2010

Eden project entry for two – the global garden

The Eden project is a truly groundbreaking attraction which has captured the imaginations of thousands of people with its revolutionary design, unique appearance and reputation for bringing green issues to the public in a way which makes ecology fascinating and fun. Entry to the Eden project gives you a chance to experience everything that the project has to offer and it’s almost impossible to leave without having learnt something.
One of the things for which the Eden Project is most famous is the image of the incredible architecture of the biomes – the huge, almost alien looking structures which are designed to house complete ecosystems, allowing the growth of plants from completely different climates and weather systems.
The Eden Project’s tropical biome is maintained at a temperature and moisture level akin to that of the rainforests in Africa, Southern American and Malaysia, meaning that they can sustain plants which would otherwise be impossible to cultivate in the UK such as banana, coffee and rubber plants and giant bamboo. We are relying more and more on these kinds of climates to provide the plants which form the basis of new medicines and further out understanding of climate change and the way an ecosystem affects the wider environment.
The Mediterranean biome is the Eden Project’s slice of Mediterranean magic right here in the UK – with a warm, temperate climate it encourages growth in a range of plants which make it their business to survive when water is scarce and sunshine is abundant. This is part of the reason that the Mediterranean is so well know for its food and wine and with each region sustaining its own unique blend of plants and trees, it’s hardly surprising that you can find over a thousand different species in the biome.
And there’s more – entry to the Eden project is a learning experience which will open your eyes to a world of art, music and entertainment as well as a fascinating insight into how important sustainability is to the future of the planet, how each of us as individuals can play our part in protecting the environment and finding ways to make a difference in our daily lives.
Eden Project entry for two is a great gift idea for any couple with an interest in the world around them and a desire to learn more about the things which are so easy to take for granted. Perhaps you know an eco friendly pair who would like the chance to see for themselves what incredible things can be done with a little dedication, in which case an Eden project gift experience for two makes a perfect present.

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